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A message from Bob Burgee.

Thanks for stopping by! EDGES2, INC. is in a transition period. I have retired from full time training blade manufacturing. After making many thousands of training knives and swords over twenty two years, it was time to move on to another challenge. Full time video production is now my primary focus.

The mission has not changed. The mission is to provide the tools and information necessary to help you improve your martial arts skill.

We currently have 3 Sparring Blade models available, NOK Eagle, NOK Hummingbird, and Sharkee Boot. The NOK blades are best suited for hard drilling and sparring and the Sharkees are great for drilling and light sparring.

If you are looking for aluminum training blades, I recommend Keen Edge Knives. I like what I have seen from them.

We are in the process of revamping the online store. Soon there will be a full library of training DVDs and instant downloadable training videos available from a wide variety of instructors.

Enjoy and thank you for taking this journey with me!

Bob Burgee.
August 28, 2014.