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About Us

EDGES2, INC. has been hand-building the highest quality safe aluminum training knives and swords since 1992. With over 20 years of experience as a craftsman, Bob Burgee is able to bring you the highest quality custom training knives and swords on the market for very reasonable price. We pride ourselves on the workmanship and durability of our training blades, which are guaranteed to stand up to years of tough training.

The purpose of our training blades is to provide you with a "realistic" training experience and send you home safely! To understand how to defend against the knife, you have to have some knowledge of how knife fighting works. Realistic training knives and a competent instructor will give you real-time feedback and tell you if what you're doing works. If that "edge" touches you, you're cut! Period! With this knowledge, you can make adjustments in your training and improve your skill. Just remember, even if you don't like knife training, some knowledge of how it works may save your life. You never know where you are going to end up and the proper reaction just may buy you enough time to do the smart thing and get out of there!!!

What about our name? E.D.G.E.S.2 stands for: Equipment Designed to Greatly Enhance Survival Skills

Why Aluminum Trainers? EDGES2, INC. was founded in 1992 because we wanted trainers with a realistic look and feel. It is not safe to tape the edge of a real blade for training. The old rubber and wood blades didn't quite give us the emotional response that a piece of metal did. Every type of training blade has it's place, but you can't beat the EDGES2 trainers if you're looking for a safe and realistic trainer. We also have plastic and foam sparring blades from Sharkee and NOK.

Here is a quick breakdown of the types of blades we sell.

Plastic (Sharkee) Made of Injection Molded Plastic and is intended for hard drilling and light sparring.

Foam (NOK) Made of high quality foam with a hardwood core. Intended for harder contact sparring and can be chalked.

Aluminum Made of extremely durable 6061-T6 Aluminum. Intended for skill work and drilling.